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Counterfeit bills circulating

The Thermopolis Police Department is working with the Secret Service to investigate the circulation of $5 bills that have been bleached and altered to appear to be $50 bills. The bills will pass the pen marker test as they are made on real currency paper.

There are also counterfeit $100 bills being circulated. They are marked with Chinese writing and have the serial number LGQ03229158.

A suspect has been arrested and charged for passing of counterfeit $100 bills. Karl Bert Loos Jr. is facing two counts of obtaining property by false pretenses, under $1,000.

Loos also faces charges from an earlier arrest for interference with a peace officer, providing a false urine sample, possession of a controlled substance and use of a controlled substance.

The other counterfeit $100 bills have the serial number LB45440078L.

Thermopolis Chief of Police Julie Mathews asks that the public be aware of what currency you are accepting. If you receive a suspicious bill, contact law enforcement at 864-3114.


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