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TV Draw dumping problems


September 6, 2018

Cindy Glasson

New junk is being dumped at TV Draw on East River Rd.

Early this summer the students involved in the Youth Alternatives Program along with local citizens, went out on East River Road and cleaned up tons of trash, televisions, furniture and all manner of "targets" from an area known as TV Draw.

At Tuesday's County Commissioners' meeting, Youth Alternatives director Barb Rice said people are already back out there filling it up again. She suggested some signage about "No Dumping" might need to be put up in the area.

The land in question is actually a BLM allotment and the holder of the allotment has said he may close down the area entirely if the dumping continues.

The commissioners heard from Maintenance Director Anthony Fruciano a couple of weeks ago about some security issues in the jail, including locks and issues with some cells.

At that time, the commissioners agreed the original 1981 manufacturer, Southern Folger, should be the company called in to complete the repairs.

Fruciano said the company will be here the first week in October to start making the repairs. He will be shadowing the technician that will be doing the work so he can get a better understanding about how it is all put together and the knowledge to be able to fix small issues when they arise.

He is also doing some research and getting bids on some security items that are needed for both district and circuit courts.

There have been some issues at the Senior Center regarding a roof leak in the area where the walk-in freezers are located.

Fruciano said there are a couple of options the commissioners could consider, one being resealing of the current roof that sits on top of the freezers, or building a roof over the top of the existing roof.

In any case, a permanent solution will need to be found. There is some SLIB funding left from the emergency roof repairs a few months ago, so they will need to make sure those funds can be used for the new emergency.

Hot Springs County Planner, Bo Bowman met recently with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) at the old airport to go over some mitigation items that will need to be addressed before any new use for the area can be considered.

Bowman told the commissioners there were some things like old oil, paint and chemicals that will have to be disposed of. He is looking into various disposal opportunities that could be used.


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