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HSCSD issues, renews contracts


Questions regarding staffing changes at Hot Springs County School District No. 1 have been flying through the community with many wanting to know which educators and staff have been retained and which ones will not be seen next school year.

Non-teaching contracts were renewed for Sierra Barber, Lonnie Music, Cortney O’Connor, David Duncan, Ryan O’Connor, Liz Ryan and Brenna Huckfeldt.

Initial contracts were granted to Stephanie Boren, Ashlee Burton, Shane Corpening, Katlin Despain, Matthew McPhie, Holly Mickelson, Rebecca Nelson, Carrie Ryan, Vivian Sannes, Laqcey Shaffer, Kinley Taylor and Korinne Thoren.

Initial to Continuing contracts were extended to Brockton Merrill, Cody James (CJ) Scholl and Jill Strenger.

Continuing contract teachers are Brenna Abel, Emma Christoffersen, Nichole Ciz, Stephanie Czarobski, Donna Daniels, Brandon Deromedi, Catelyn Deromedi, Jennifer Emery, Toby Emery, Jackie Frankson, Ronda Freel, Todd Helms, Emmy Hergert, Cassie Hetzel, Shannon Hill, Heidi Hunt, London Jenks, Aimee Kay, Eric Kay, Becky Martinez, Mary McGillivray, Alex McLean, Staci Morrison, Thomas Olsen, Dawn Peterson, Parke Price, Amy Ready, Kristing Ryan, Jacob Smith, Cory Sova, Jacob Strenger, Dan Syljuberget, Britton VanHeule, Bethany Webber and Jennifer Weber.

Resignations were accepted by the school board from Aaron Taylor and Jessica Hostetter.

The district is currently advertising for the following positions: high school English, high school Industrial Arts (auto-votech), elementary special education and high school and middle school vocal and band instructor.


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