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Full disclosure

by Lara Love

This week’s issue includes the analysis and conclusion of the officer involved shooting that happened in Thermopolis in April of this year.

The document was issued on Sept. 21 by Special Prosecutor Daniel E. Erramouspe, Sweetwater County Attorney. Erramouspe was appointed as Special Prosecutor to review the case. Erramouspe relied upon the investigation conducted by lead investigator, Special Agent Kiel Holder of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. He reviewed all documentation, reports, forensics, interviews, audio files and video files submitted in the matter.

The document is six pages long and is included in its entirety in this paper. The information included in the analysis may cause extreme emotions in some.

We included all the information so our readers could get a full perspective of the case and how the decision was made. All information included in the document was used to make the final conclusion in the case so we presented it as is. This happened in our community, therefore our community is the most affected by it. Other media sources around the state covered the initial shooting and will most likely follow up with their own stories that will include varying levels of detail.

Our job is to inform and at times that requires a level of full disclosure that will undoubtedly be well received by some and criticized by others.


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