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June 5 deadline to apply for property tax refund

Wyomingites who’s household income does not exceed 125% of their county or the statewide median income are encouraged to consider applying for the Property Tax Refund Program. The program allows for a refund of up to 75%, with some limitations, of their 2022 Property Tax Bill. For Hot Springs County, 125% of the median income is set at $86,400.

The Property Tax Refund program requires taxpayers to complete an application certifying they  own their home; have been a Wyoming resident for the past five years; provide proof that 2022 property taxes have been paid in full; they had household income in 2022 equal to or less than 125% of the median household income for county in which you reside or the statewide median income, whichever is greater.

Other requirements include personal assets that do not exceed $150,000 per adult household member. In other words, if you own other real estate, bank accounts and investments, they cannot have value in excess of $150,000 per adult household member. However, you may exclude the value of your home, a car for each adult household member, and any retirement accounts (IRA’s, 401K plans, cash value of life insurance policies, Medical Savings, etc.). If your total property tax bill exceeds more than 10% of your total household income, then this asset limit would not apply.

The application for property tax refunds can be obtained by calling The State Revenue Department office at 307-777-7320, going online to or from the Hot Springs County Treasurer’s office. Application deadline for tax year 2022 refunds is June 5.


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