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WW to host Kirby Dirby

Wyoming Whiskey will be holding a Kirby Dirby Kentucky Derby Watch Party Saturday, May 6 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.

There will be games, including a Horses Dice Tourney starting at 1 p.m. and closing at 1:15 p.m., Stick Horse Races starting at 3 p.m., and the Best Kirby Dirby Hat Contest.

Event attendees and participants must be 21 years and older as there will be cocktails and prizes. 

Wyoming Whiskey’s Retail and Event Manager Amanda Moeller said they will have trophies, which are a bottle of premium whiskey, for each contest.

Moeller added, “It’ll just be a really fun day. We’ll have a little bit of charcuterie, some meat, and cheese, a little bit of fruit tray type thing. Nothing extravagant, but, people are welcome to come on out and have a good time.”

Moeller continued and said, “We’re also releasing our limited edition product, Stargazer. This will be the second release of Stargazer. The first one was in 2019, so it hasn’t been out for a while. And it’s 100 proof. I think it’s only a five-barrel blend. It’s limited, and it’s only going to be sold in this store. It won’t be out on the market. It won’t be in our store in Jackson, just the Kirby store.

Moeller added about the Kirby Dirby, “We can only sell Wyoming Whiskey products, so we will have multiple cocktails available, but they will be Wyoming Whiskey only. We can’t sell beer.”

When it comes to the experience and what people can expect, Moeller said, “We’re really excited because we’re out in Kirby. We don’t get people walking by on the streets to come in. To get folks to come out here we throw a good party. We had a great party for the ten-year anniversary. For a lot of our employees, we had a holiday party just for the staff. We had probably 40, or 50 people here. We can get a lot more people in this building than in the other one, and it makes it much more exciting to put together these kinds of events.”

Moeller added, “We’ll have some more events coming up real soon. We have another event coming up in June. We’ll have a live band for that one and some food trucks and we’re closing the street out here, so it’ll be another good time. This building has given us a lot more opportunities to invite more people out.”

The Kirby Dirby event will be at the Wyoming Whiskey Shop, formerly known as the Kirby Bar and Grill. 


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