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World Day of Prayer gathering set for Friday at the fair building

An informal organization of Christian women of Thermopolis are participating in the World Day of Prayer, on Friday, March 3 at noon at the Hot Springs County Fair Building. The event is non-denominational and they invite anyone who wants to join them for prayer and chili. 

One of the organizers, Karen Sinclair, said, “We feel like prayer is the answer to a lot of the problems we’re having right now. We are going to pray prayers of thanksgiving for what we’ve been given. We will ask for prayers of forgiveness. Sometimes we go the wrong way. And then we’re going to ask for prayers for guidance.”

Sinclair added, “We will start with prayer and then eat chili or meals without meat. Then we will give an opportunity for people to stay and pray if they choose to.”

Regarding why prayer is important, Sinclair said, “It’s how we communicate with God and He hears our prayers and He desires for us to have a relationship with Him through prayer. The ultimate goal is for all of us to love one another. We would like to see the nation and world restored, the culture restored, hearts and bodies healed, communities live and work together, miracles, prosperity, unity, and no more division.” 


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