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Robert 'Larry' Lawrence Burnell

Robert "Larry" Lawrence Burnell passed away recently in Eugene, Ore., at the age of 85.

Larry was born in Gebo, Wyo., in 1937 to Ina and Bob Burnell. Larry attended school in Thermopolis and enlisted in the Navy soon after he graduated high school. Being the oldest of eight children, Larry was seemingly a great babysitter as well as protector of all the younger siblings growing up.

Larry is survived by his sister, Patricia Lea Burnell Williams, whom he was very close to and spoke with nearly every day. Tricia says of Larry, that he was the kindest and most caring big Brother one could have. Larry is also survived by his brother William Christopher Burnell (Chris) and two sisters, Michele Marie Burnell Shafer, of course little Jodi Burnell Werbelow, the youngest. Larry walked Jodi to school her first day of kindergarten. Larry is also survived by Deena, a daughter in Oregon.

Larry was predeceased by his wife; mother, Alexandria Jack Cunningham Burnell Renie (Ina); father, Robert Patrick Burnell; brothers, Edward Patrick Burnell (just eight months ago), Michael Arthur Burnell (Mickey), and James Alexander Burnell (Jim).

Rest in peace dear Brother Larry, I'll see ya when I see ya. Sis.


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