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Jacque Dee (Skelton) Johnson

Gay, sweet and clever, she will be your friend forever"

That was the description of Jacque Dee (Skelton) Johnson in her class of 1961 Bobcats yearbook, and it remained true through her final hours. Jacque loved people and made friends everywhere she went- she talked to anyone, uplifted everyone, and was kind to all. Her infectious laughter and cheerful nature went before her and enveloped everyone she encountered- even teasing the fella recently sitting at the next table in the Black Bear that she was going to come over and eat up his pancake! Fun-loving to the end, Jacque spread smiles everywhere she went.

Born Jacqueline Dee in June of 1943 in Thermopolis, Jacque married John Johnson, from Owl Creek in November of 1961, and the young couple moved to Grand Island, Nebraska. Throughout their marriage, the couple and their growing family travelled for John's work to Washington, Montana and finally the Denver area, where she remained until 2020 when she then returned "home" to Thermopolis.

In 1989 Jacque married Jim Webber and was his faithful companion long after his admittance to an Alzheimer's care facility.

"Jake," as she was affectionately known, loved children and spent over 30 years providing daycare to hundreds of children from her home in Lakewood, Colo. She also spent many years with the Westernaire riding organization in Golden, Colo., as an instructor, monitor, and teen advocate. The picture above she recently said was one of her favorites – photographed with her deaf granddaughter, whom she helped to raise into her 70s.

Jacque was adored and cherished by her 11 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. She was a fantastic storyteller and shared with each child an appreciation for the family legacy, and their own unique place in it. She was a fixture at every graduation, birthday, and other celebrations, and routinely made costumes, hosted tea parties, and lavished the kids with attention and affection. She had a talent for making each of them feel special and cherished. 

She was always right there, in the middle of a crisis, digging in to help wherever she could, and helping you find your own strength. She would fill in the gaps when your own courage waivered. Her generosity was boundless- she busied herself crocheting gifts for others in between her own cancer treatments, and often gave the best things she had to others. 

Jacque passed away in Thermopolis, December 29, surrounded by her children Lisa, Gayle, and Johnny Greg. She is preceded in death by her parents, Crystal (White) and James Skelton, and survived by her siblings: Jimmy, Sandi, Bill, Bonnie, Mari, Lily, and Myra.

A celebration of life will take place in Thermopolis of July 2022.


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