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Lynda Dale-Franklin

Lynda Dale-Franklin (most folks knew her as Lindi or Lynda Ray) passed away in peace and love on September 1, 2021.

She was born to Lyda Tolman in October 1952. She was a beacon of light and love for every person who had the opportunity to meet her. We will always be grateful for her grit, heritage, kindness, and the pioneer stock she handed down to us with dignity and grace. "Don't know where I am going, but there ain't no point in being late," Beautiful words spoken from a beautiful woman. Lynda will forever be remembered in our hearts and minds. 

Lynda is survived by her children, Roger, Craig, Katina, and her husband, Daniel; grandchildren, CJ, Ciara, Emrey, Liydeah, Morrison, and Brooklyn.

Condolences will graciously be received for the family at 6404 South Golden Chain Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84107, care of Katina Torres.

Celebration of life date to be announced.


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