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Friends win $5,000 in treasure hunt

Two Thermopolis women will share $5,000 after participating in a treasure hunt and successfully locating Wyoming's hidden Golden Ticket Key.

Jessica Lippencott and Amanda Roberts are the lucky pair to win the Candyman Gold Ticket Treasure Hunt for Wyoming.

Lippincott said she had seen articles about the treasure hunt being held by the founder of Jelly Belly, David Klein, back in August.

Lippincott mentioned the hunt to Roberts and they decided to go in together and buy a ticket to get the riddle for the contest in Wyoming.

"The riddle came out last week and in less than 20 minutes I had figured it out," said Lippincott.

She contacted Roberts and told her where she thought she could find it. "When she got to the location, she FaceTimed me, and low and behold it was there," said Lippincott.

They grabbed up the winning golden ticket. Later that evening they took their children Skylar, Hannah, Timothy, Amelia and Tate, along with Sawyer Wilson, to get a photo of where it was found.

Lippincott said she emailed The Gold Ticket and a representative called her as they were headed back to Thermopolis. "They wanted to let us know that we were in fact the winners and wanted to congratulate us," said Lippincott.

According to http://www.the, the process to enter the treasure hunt was fairly easy. Participants simply located their home state, purchased a $50 ticket to receive the clue, and then begin the search once the clue was released.

"From the time the riddle was released, to the time the necklace was found, was a little less than an hour," said Lippincott.

Lippincott added that people from all over Wyoming and Colorado had also solved the riddle and were on their way to the location, but 'we beat them,' she added.

Lippincott said both her and Roberts thought it was super exciting and that the children still can't believe they won.

"Amanda and I have decided that the next treasure we are going to look for is Butch Cassidy's" Lippincott said with a laugh.


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