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Keep your home safe this Christmas


December 5, 2019

Tis the time of year when Clark W. Griswold comes out in all of us. That is, Christmas decorations abound both inside and out.

There are, however, some safety tips you should be aware of that Clark obviously didn’t follow.

When it comes to your lights, be sure to inspect each of the light strings, looking for frayed wires, broken bulbs and loose connections. If you happen to find any of these problems, it is suggested you throw those strings out and replace them.

When doing your outdoor decorating, do not use staples or nails to hang the lights as they can damage the wires inside the casing, and be sure they are UL rated for outdoor use. Never use indoor lights for outside displays.

Also, make sure the extension cords you use are outdoor, heavy duty cords. No more than three sets of lights should be plugged in per extension cord.

Although many folks have switched from real trees to artificial, it is still a good idea to know some safety tips about evergreens.

Make sure your tree is fresh. If you cut your own tree, you’re fairly safe with freshness, but if you are getting your tree from a lot, know they were cut quite some time ago and depending on how they were cared for from cut to sale, they may have gotten dry.

A good way to check if your tree is safe is to bounce the tree, trunk down, on a flat surface like a sidewalk or parking lot. If needles fall out, the tree is too dry. A fresh tree’s needles will be hard to pull out with your fingers, too.

Always use a tree stand that holds water and keep it filled to prevent the tree from drying out.

If you’re using an artificial tree, check the labels to ensure it is fire resistant. And if you’re using a metallic tree, avoid using electric lights as the tree can become charged and give you quite a shock.

Keep your pets safe, too, this holiday season. Don’t let them chew on electrical cords and while Poinsettias are pretty, remember, they are poisonous to your furry friends.


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