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Hot Springs County Fair Results


August 15, 2019

Mark Dykes

Competitors in the Pistol competition during Hot Springs County Fair take aim at their targets.


Junior Grand Champion – Hayden Johnson

Junior Reserve Champion – Dyllan Myers

Intermediate Grand Champion – Bridger Peil

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Hadley Johnson

Senior Grand Champion – John Maier

Senior Reserve Champion – Jeffry Clark


Junior Grand Champion – Sharon Burgess

Junior Reserve Champion – Mac McCumber

Intermediate Grand Champion – Kaia Galovich

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Seth Needham

Senior Grand Champion – Jonah Needham

Senior Reserve Champion – Owen McCumber


Junior Grand Champion – Dyllan Myers

Junior Reserve Champion – Mac McCumber

Intermediate Grand Champion – Seth Needham

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Talyah Myers

Senior Grand Champion – Carson Williams

Senior Reserve Champion – Jonah Needham


FFA Showmanship – Rebekah Johnson

Senior Showmanship – Rebekah Johnson

Intermediate Showmanship – Lilly Johnson, Lexi Overfield, Ruthanne Johnson

Junior Showmanship – Miriam Johnson

Pee Wee Showmanship – Samuel Johnson

American: hen – Lexi Overfield, Lexi Overfield

American: pullet – Rebekah Johnson, Rebekah Johnson, Miriam Johnson

Asiatic: cock – Lexi Overfield

Asiatic: hen – Ruthanne Johnson

English: cock – Lexi Overfield

English: pullet – Miriam Johnson, Ruthanne Johnson, Rebekah Johnson, Lilly Johnson

Mediterranean: pullet – Ruthanne Johnson, Lilly Johnson

Other breeds – Rebekah Johnson

Feather legged breeds – Lilly Johnson


Junior Showmanship – Annalyn Sharp

Any other fur class purebred, senior doe – Annalyn Sharp, Annalyn Sharp

Any other fur class purebred, senior buck – Annalyn Sharp

Any other fur class crossbred, junior doe – Annalyn Sharp

Any other fur class crossbred, senior buck – Lexi Overfield, Annalyn Sharp


Intermediate Showmanship – Lexi Overfield

Short-haired female – Lexi Overfield

Most colorful cat – Lexi Overfield


Intermediate Showmanship – Remi Adams (Grand Champion), Taylor Ivie (Reserve Champion), Jayssie Owsley, James Whitt

Junior Showmanship – Chloee Owsley (Grand Champion), Sharon Burgess (Reserve Champion), Annalyn Sharp, Holt Ready

Pee Wee Showmanship – Logan Stewart, Talon Owsley

First year beginner novice – Remi Adams, James Whitt, Annalyn Sharp

On leash A – Jayssie Owsley, Taylor Ivie, Sharon Burgess, Holt Ready, Chloee Owsley

High In Trial Grand Champion – Remi Adams

High In Trial Reserve Champion – Jayssie Owsley

Sporting Group – Taylor Ivie, Sharon Burgess

Herding Group – Remi Adams, Chloee Owsley, Jayssie Owsley, Chloee Owsley, James Whitt

Any other crossbred, over 14 inches – Holt Ready

Any other crossbred, under 14 inches – Annalyn Sharp

Confirmation Grand Champion – Taylor Ivie

Confirmation Reserve Champion – Annalyn Sharp

Open Class Confirmation, herding group – Jayssie Owsley


Agriculture Mechanics, small wood project – Hallie Martinez

Brome Grass for hay – Rebekah Johnson, Kallie VanHeule

Crested Wheat Grass for hay – Hallie Martinez, Rebekah Johnson

Intermediate Wheat Grass for hay – Rebekah Johnson, Hallie Martinez, Kallie VanHeule

Brome Grass for seed – Hallie Martinez

Crested Wheat Grass for seed – Hallie Martinez, Kallie VanHeule

Barley – Hallie Martinez

Oats – Kallie VanHeule, Hallie Martinez

Great Northern Beans – Hallie Martinez

Pinto Beans – Hallie Martinez

1st or 2nd cutting, Alfalfa hay – Hallie Martinez

Agronomy Grand Champion – Rebekah Johnson

Agronomy Reserve Champion – Hallie Martinez

Ag 1 Notebook – Hallie Martinez

Ag 1 Record Book – Hallie Martinez

Chapter Scrapbook – Rebekah Johnson

Any other classroom project – Eli Dickey, Rebekah Johnson, Luke Arcand, Audrey Axtell

Classroom Grand Champion – Rebekah Johnson

Classroom Reserve Champion – Hallie Martinez

Outstanding FFA Boy – Eli Dickey

Outstanding FFA Girl – Rebekah Johnson

Cake Decorating

Junior, icing based - Summer Galovich, Alayna Scheel

Junior Grand Champion - Summer Galovich

Junior Reserve Champion – Alayna Scheel

Intermediate, icing based – Lilly Johnson, Taylor Agar

Intermediate, fondant based – Rylee Agar

Intermediate Grand Champion – Rylee Agar

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Taylor Agar

Senior, icing based – Hallie Martinez

Senior Grand Champion – Hallie Martinez

Food & Nutrition

Junior, prepared – Blue: Silas Dickey (2), Hannah Ward, Alec Martinez (2), Mac McCumber (2). Red – Dyllan Myers, Miriam Johnson (3), Hannah Ward (2), Alec Martinez (2), Silas Dickey (2), Mac McCumber

Junior, preserved – Red: Miriam Johnson

Junior Grand Champion – Alec Martinez

Junior Reserve Champion – Hannah Ward

Intermediate, prepared – Blue: Taylor Ivie, Maile Mae McCumber (2), Ruthanne Johnson, Luke Dickey. Red: Taylor Ivie (4), Luke Dickey (3), Maile Mae McCumber (3), Ruthanne Johnson (2), Lilly Johnson (2)

Intermediate, preserved – Red: Ruthanne Johnson, Lilly Johnson

Intermediate Grand Champion – Ruthanne Johnson

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Maile Mae McCumber

Senior, prepared – Blue: Rebekah Johnson, Hallie Martinez (3). Red: Rebekah Johnson (3), Hallie Martinez (2), Reagan severance (2)

Senior Grand Champion – Hallie Martinez

Senior Reserve Grand Champion – Rebekah Johnson


Junior Crocheting – Blue: Alayna Scheel. Red: Dyllan Myers (2)

Junior Grand Champion – Alayna Scheel

Junior Reserve Champion – Dyllan Myer

Intermediate Crocheting – Blue: Talyah Myers. Red: Stasha Whitt, Talyah Myers

Intermediate Fabric & Fashion – Blue: Rylee Agar

Intermediate Grand Champion – Rylee Agar

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Talyah Myers

Senior Woodworking – Gavin Shumway

Senior Grand Champion – Gavin Shumway

Photography & Visual Arts

Intermediate Photography – Blue: Remi Adams (2). Red: Kadance Bowman, Taylor Agar (6), Remi Adams (5). White: Taylor Agar, Remi Adams (3). Yellow: Taylor Agar (3)

Intermediate Visual Arts – Blue: Taylor Ivie. Red: Taylor Ivie

Intermediate Grand Champion – Taylor Ivie

Intermediate Reserve Champion – Remi Adams

Senior Photography – Red: Reagan Severance (4). White: Reagan Severance (3)

Senior Digital Creations – Yellow: Reagan Severance (2)

Senior Crafts – Blue: Ramsay Owens (2), Lauren Muench. Red: Laruen Muench (2)

Senior Painting & Drawings – Blue: Lauren Muench (2). Red: Ramsay Owens (3), Lauren Muench

Senior Grand Champion – Ramsay Owens

Senior Reserve Champion – Laruen Muench


Junior Robotics – Blue: Kaden Scheel, Seth Dickey

Junior Self Determined – Red: Seth Dickey. White: Seth Dickey

Junior Grand Champion – Kaden Scheel

Junior Reserve Champion – Seth Dickey

Intermediate Robotics – Blue: Eli Ready

Intermediate Grand Champion – Eli Ready

Senior Self Determined –Blue: Reagan Severance. Red: Reagan Severance

Senior Youth Leadership – Blue: Owen McCumber. Red: Chase Moeller

Senior Grand Champion – Owen McCumber

Senior Reserve Champion – Reagan Severance

Natural Resources

Junior Muzzle loading – Red: Silas Dickey

Junior Grand Champion – Silas Dickey

Intermediate Sportfishing – Blue: Chase Herring, Porter McCumber, Simon Ream

Intermediate Gardening & Horticulture – Blue: Eli Ready

Intermediate Grand Champion – Eli Ready

Intermediate Reserve Champion -Simon Ream

Senior Sportfishing – Blue: Owen McCumber, Eli McCumber

Senior Grand Champion – Eli McCumber

Senior Reserve Champion – Owen McCumber

Open Class

Vegetables – Blue: Shelley Deromedi (4), Bev Koerwitz (3), Judy Cramer (2). Red: Eacel Leonhardt (2), Barbara Love (2), Bev Koerwtiz (2). White: Danielle Du Foe, Bev Koerwtiz, Barbara Love (2), Eacel Leonhardt.

Grand Champion Vegetable – Judy Cramer

Reserve Champion Vegetable – Judy Cramer

Horticulture, misc. fruits – Blue: Eacel Leonhardt (2), Bev Koerwtiz. Red: Barbara Love, Bev Koerwtiz (3)

Horticulture Grand Champion – Eacel Leonhardt

Horticulture Reserve Champion – Eacel Leonhardt

Culinary, fruit bread – Blue: Holly Love

Culinary, bread – Blue: Holly Love (2), Barbara Love (3), Danielle Du Foe, Samuel Johnson

Culinary, cakes – Blue: Heather Love

Culinary, cookies, bars, doughnuts – Blue: Heather Love (6), Holly Love (2), Samuel Johnson, Cameron Martinez. Red: Holly Love (2).

Culinary, canned fruit and vegetables – Blue: Judy Cramer, Shelley Deromedi (3), Bev Koerwitz (2), Barbara Love. Red: Bev Koerwitz, Judy Cramer.

Culinary, jams, jellies and preserves – Blue: Shelley Deromedi (23), Danielle Du Foe, Bev Koerwtiz (5), Judy Cramer, Ruthanne Johnson. Red: Danielle Du Foe, Shelley Deromedi (3), Bev Koerwitz. White: Shelley Deromedi.

Culinary, pickles and relishes – Blue: Shelley Deromedi (2), Bev Koerwtiz (2)

Culinary, honey – Blue: Bev Koerwitz

Culinary, dehydrated – Blue: Barbara Love (2)

Culinary, preservation by fermentation – Blue: Barbara Love

Grand Champion Culinary – Barbara Love

Reserve Champion Culinary – Barbara Love

Flowers & Plants, cut flowers – Blue: Judy Cramer (5), Barbara Love, Barbara Welch (2), Ruth Clare Johnson (4), Bev Koerwitz (3), Kay Rush (2). Red: Bev Koerwtiz (4), Judy Cramer (3), Necole Rush. White: Ruth Clare Johnson, Judy Cramer, Barbara Love

Flowers & Plants, flower arrangements – Blue: Judy Cramer, Melba Lee, Kay Rush. Red: Bev Koerwitz, Kay Rush

Flowers & Plants, potted plants – Blue: Bev Koerwtiz, Patricia Jemming (2), Kay Rush, KyAnn Calhoon. Red: Kay Rush, Necole Rush. White: Patricia Jemming

Grand Champion Flowers & Plants – Kay Rush

Reserve Champion Flowers & Plants – Pat Jemming

Needlecraft – Blue: Stasha Whitt, Barbara Welch, Delina Wille. Red: Delina Wille. White: Annalyn Sharp

Knitting – Blue: Shelley Deromedi, Eacel Leonhardt

Crocheting – Blue: Judy Cramer (3), Heather Love (2), Jena DeVries (3), Brailee DeVries. Red: Jena DeVries (2), Judy Cramer, Delina Willie

Quilts – Blue: Dorothy Rhodes, Patricia Jemming (2), Tracey VanHeule (2), Eacel Leonhardt

Needlecraft, misc. – Blue: Delina Willie

Grand Champion Needlecraft – Jena DeVries

Reserve Champion Needlecraft – Eacel Leonhardt

Mark Dykes

Hadley Johnson prepares to fire an arrow at the Archery shoot during Hot Springs County Fair. Competitors fired at three-dimensional animal targets.

Photography – Blue: Amanda Moeller (2), Shelley Deromedi (6), Darvin Jemming, Barbara Welch (3), Deline Willie, Judy Cramer (2). Red: Shelley Deromedi (3), Judy Cramer (7), Barbara Welch, Mary Ryan. White: Darvin Jemming (3), Shelley Deromedi (3), Judy Cramer, Delina Willie

Painting & Drawing – Blue: Marie Britting (2), Patricia Jemming (4), Brandon Blakesley, Paris Strumfa.Red: Patricia Jemming, Talyah Myers, Paris Strumfa, Tanner Myers, Kay Rush, Nathan Willie. White: Paris Strumfa (2), Luke Willie

Grand Champion Photography, Painting & Drawing – Marie Britting

Reserve Champion Photography, Painting & Drawing – Brandon Blakesley

Arts & Crafts, misc. – Blue: Kay Rush, Judy Cramer (3), Dakota Leonhardt, Talyah Myers, Danielle Du Foe, Jena DeVries (4), Darvin Jemming, Patricia Jemming. Red: Brailee DeVries. White: Ammon Willie

Grand Champion Arts & Crafts – Darvin Jemming

Reserve Champion Arts & Crafts – Danielle Du Foe


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