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Hot Springs County Fair Highlights


August 8, 2019

Large animal results

Hot Springs County Fair wrapped up last week. Here are the results, in order of finish, of the large animal shows. More results will be printed in the Independent Record as they are received.


Breeding Swine (crossbred, junior gilt) – Rebekah Johnson, Chase Moeller

Breeding Swine (any other colored breed, senior gilt) – Ruthanne Johnson, Seth Dickey, Eli Dickey

Grand Champion Breeding Swine – Rebekah Johnson

Reserve Champion Breeding Swine - Ruthanne Johnson

Feeder Class (148-194) – Lilly Johnson, Hunter Bartholomew, Rebekah Johnson, Chloee Owsley, Ruthanne Johnson, Hunter Bartholomew

Feeder Class (202-221) – Tymber Eckley, Cadence Steadman, Ann Allen, Layne Myers, Remi Adams, Zoe Adams

Market Class (230-233) – Rosalie Willson, Arin Adams, Lilly Johnson

Market Class (238-242) – Tymber Eckley, Alix Sorensen, Bridger Peil, Cody Bomengen, Ann Allen, Remi Adams

Market Class (243-247) – Owen McCumber, Tymber Eckley, Bridger Peil, Chloee Owsley, Jaxon Flinn, Roedy Farrell

Market Class (250-257) – Mac McCumber, Alix Sorensen, Jean-Luc Willson, Jean-Luc Willson, Jaxon Flinn

Market Class (258-262) – Jayssie Owsley, Cody Bomengen, Jaxon Flinn

Market Class (279-344) – Owen McCumber, Gavin Shumway, Chase Moeller

Grand Champion Market Swine – Owen McCumber

Reserve Champion Market Swine – Owen McCumber

FFA Showmanship – Owen McCumber, Hunter Bartholomew, Cadence Steadman, Chase Moeller, Rebekah Johnson, Eli Dickey

Senior Showmanship – Owen McCumber, Jean-Luc Willson, Chase Moeller, Gavin Shumway, Rebekah Johnson

Intermediate Showmanship – Jayssie Owsley, Bridger Peil, Tymber Eckley, Rosalie Willson, Zoe Adams, Remi Adams

Junior Showmanship – Mac McCumber, Alix Sorensen, Chloee Owsley, Cody Bomengen, Ann Allen, Seth Dickey

PeeWee Showmanship – Logan Stewart, Teagan Allen, Hoyt Peil, Samuel Johnson, Kanon Bomengen, CeJaye Flinn, Ben Farrell, Scotlyn Armajo, Casen Eckley, Talon Owsley, Kashtyn Flinn, Aiden Vass


Breeding Goat – Hallie Martinez

Market Goat (weight 59) – Alec Martinez

Showmanship – Alec Martinez, Hallie Martinez


Open Class (Hampshire, ewe dropped between Jan. 1 & March 31) – Cooper Agar

Open Class (Hampshire, ewe dropped on or after March 31) – Cooper Agar

Breeding Sheep (crossbred, wether type, winter ram lamb) – Tymber Eckley, Holt Ready

Breeding Sheep (crossbred, wether type, ram, born in 2018 – Hallie Martinez

Breeding Sheep (any other breed, ram, born in 2018) – Simon Ream

Grand Champion Breeding Ram – Tymber Eckley

Reserve Champion Breeding Ram – Hallie Martinez

Breeding Sheep (commercial, crossbred, winter ewe) – Barbara Kissel, Tymber Eckley, Barbara Kissel, Barbara Kissel

Breed Sheep (commercial, crossbred, ewe, born in 2018) – Tymber Eckley, Barbara Kissel, Hallie Martinez, Barbara Kissel

Grand Champion Commercial Crossbred Ewe – Tymber Eckley

Reserve Champion Commercial Crossbred Ewe – Barbara Kissel

Breeding Sheep (Dorset, winter ewe lamb) – Jayssie Owsley, Chloee Owsley, Kadance Bowman

Breeding Sheep (Suffolk, ewe, born in 2018) – Kynzie Frederick

Breeding Sheep (commercial, crossbred, pen of 2 ewe lambs) – Hallie Martinez

Overall Grand Champion Breeding Ewe – Tymber Eckley

Overall Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe – Barbara Kissel

Market Black Face (100-115) – Kynzie Frederick, Sheridan Allmaras, Jeffery VanAntwerp, Kaitlyn Schmuck, Holt Ready

Market Black Face (118-122) – Remington Ferree, Tymber Eckley, Hallie Martinez, Alec Martinez, Rosalie Willson, Jaydyn Boren

Market Black Face (123-127) – Tensie Verhasselt, Tymber Eckley, Remington Ferree, Luke Dickey, Rosalie Willson

Market Black Face (128-133) – Bridger Peil, Hallie Martinez, Kadance Bowman, Jeffery VanAntwerp

Market Black Face (138-146) – Tymber Eckley, Tymber Eckley, Hallie Martinez, Alec Martinez, Jayssie Owsley, Barbara Kissel

Market Black Face (159-168) – Bridger Peil, Alec Martinez, Tensie Verhasselt

Grand Champion Black Face – Bridger Peil

Reserve Champion Black Face – Tymber Eckley

Market White Face (125-129) – Chloee Owsley, Jayssie Owsley

Market Speckled Face (100-103) – Cannon Boren, Chloee Owsley

Market Speckled Face (114-122) – Jayssie Owsley, Lexi Overfield, Lexi Overfield

Market Speckled Face (125-130) – Kylie Frederick, Hayden Overfield, Sheridan Allmaras

Market Speckled Face (135-140) – Barbara Kissel, Barbara Kissel

Grand Champion Speckled Face – Barbara Kissel

Reserve Champion Speckled Face – Kylie Frederick

Overall Grand Champion Market Sheep – Bridger Peil

Overall Reserve Champion Market Sheep – Tymber Eckley

FFA Showmanship – Hallie Martinez, Barbara Kissel, Remington Ferree, Jeffery VanAntwerp, Kaitlyn Schmuck

Senior Showmanship – Hallie Martinez, Barbara Kissel, Remington Ferree

Intermediate Showmanship – Tymber Eckley, Bridger Peil, Jayssie Owsley, Tensie Verhasselt, Lexi Overfield, Hayden Overfield

Junior Showmanship – Chloee Owsley, Alec Martinez, Kynzie Frederick, Cannon Boren, Jaydyn Boren, Sheridan Allmaras

PeeWee Showmanship – Johnny Ray Allmaras, Emma Dean, Aiden Vass, Corbin Dean, Talon Owsley, Cameron Martinez, Hannah Boren, Logan Stewart, Tylee Agar, Decker Agar, Scotlyn Armajo, Casen Eckley, Kayden Frederick, Hoyt Peil, Cooper Agar, Kimber Frederick


Breeding Beef (Hereford/Polled Hereford, cow/calf) – Taylor Agar

Breeding Beef (Hereford/Polled Hereford, spring yearling heifer) – Rylee Agar

Breeding Beef (Hereford/Polled Hereford, senior heifer calf) – Rylee Agar, Taylor Agar

Breeding Beef (Hereford/Polled Hereford, senior yearling heifer) - Rylee Agar

Grand Champion Hereford Breeding Beef – Rylee Agar

Reserve Champion Hereford Breeding Beef – Rylee Agar

Breeding Beef (Shorthorn, spring yearling heifer) – Hadley Johnson, Hayden Johnson

Breeding Beef (any other Continental breed, junior heifer calf) – Chase Moeller

Overall Grand Champion Breeding Beef – Rylee Agar

Reserve Champion Breeding Beef – Hadley Johnson

Market Beef (1022-1095) – Kamryn Farrell, Jessie Pennoyer, Lance Axtell, Hayden Overfield

Market Beef (1121-1133) – Rylee Agar, Will Ward, Ellis Webber, Ryan Axtell, Audrey Axtell

Market Beef (1187-1202) – James Ward, Hannah Ward, Maile Mae McCumber, Spencer Axtell

Market Beef (1218-1245) – Taylor Agar, Rylee Agar, Kamryn Farrell, Eli Dickey, Lexi Overfield

Market Beef (1329-1402) – Ellis Webber, Porter McCumber, Hadley Johnson, Logann Farrell

Grand Champion Market Beef – Taylor Agar

Reserve Champion Market Beef – Ellis Webber

FFA Showmanship – Jessie Pennoyer, Spencer Axtell, Audrey Axtell, Chase Moeller, Hadley Johnson

Senior Showmanship – Eli Dickey

Intermediate Beef Showmanship – Rylee Agar, Porter McCumber, Taylor Agar, Will Ward, Ellis Webber, Hadley Johnson

Junior Showmanship – Kamryn Farrell, James Ward, Logann Farrell, Hannah Ward, Hayden Johnson, Ryan Axtell

PeeWee Showmanship – Colton Blakesley


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