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Painted horse Gymkhana results


Dennis Nierzwicki

Ben Farrell's hat flies off while his dad Will takes him and his horse for a run in the Lead Line Barrels at Friday's Gymkhana.

The July Gymkhana Session was last Friday. Events during each Gymkhana include barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, a flag race, dummy roping and a fun event, which this months was a crepe paper race. Painted horses were also a highlight, in honor of Independence Day. Results (in order of finish):


Barrels: Rylee Agar, Bridger Peil, Mesa Allen, Mesa Allen, Amelia Roberts and Rylee Knight

Poles: Mesa Allen, Bridger Peil, Hunter Townsend, Rylee Knight, Jayssie Owsley and Tymber Eckley

Goats: Roedy Farrell, Mesa Allen, Bridger Peil, Tymber Eckley and Hunter Townsend

Flag Race: Mesa Allen, Jayssie Owsley, Amelia Roberts and Tymber Eckley

Dummy Roping: Roedy Farrell, Bridger Peil, Hunter Townsend, Rylee Agar, Tymber Eckley and Taylor Agar

Crepe Paper Race: Tymber Eckley, Jayssie Owsley and Amelia Roberts

Lead Line

Barrels: Scotlyn Armajo, Decker Agar, Ben Farrell, Tylee Agar, Corbin Dean and Kinley Postma

Poles: Ben Farrell, Tylee Agar, Decker Agar, Casen Eckley, Cooper Nye and Kinley Postma

Goats: Misty Flowers, Ben Farrell, Casen Eckley, Scotlyn Armajo, Tylee Agar and Talon Owsley

Flag Race: Ben Farrell, Blakeley Postma, Misty Flowers, Cooper Nye, Scotlyn Armajo and Talon Owsley

Dummy Roping: Ben Farrell, Cooper Nye, Decker Agar, Tylee Agar and Casen Eckley

Crepe Paper Race: Ben Farrell, Kinley Postma, Blakeley Postma, Casen Eckley and Scotlyn Armajo

Pee Wee

Barrels: Logann Farrell, Kamryn Farrell, Hoyt Peil, Chloee Owsley, Tate Roberts and Alix Sorensen

Poles: Kamryn Farrell, Logann Farrell, Hoyt Peil, Jordan Peter, Chloee Owsley and Alix Sorensen

Goats: Chloee Owsley, Logann Farrell, Kamryn Farrell, Alix Sorensen, Jordan Peter and Mackenzie Buckner

Flag Race: Logann Farrell, Jordan Peter, Chloee Owsley, Hoyt Peil, Aftyn Grant and Mackenzie Buckner

Dummy Roping: Kamryn Farrell, Hoyt Peil, Logann Farrell, Tel Jarrard, Jordan Peter and Tate Roberts

Crepe Paper Race: Kamryn Farrell, Logann Farrell, Chloee Owsley, Alix Sorensen, Abby Flowers and Tate Roberts


Kaitlyn Schmuck was the only senior entrant listed, and placed in the three spots in Barrels, two spots in Poles, one spot in the Flag Race and two spots in the Crepe Paper Race.


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