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Legislature discusses future of Wyoming Pioneer Home

Winters: People need to come first


February 22, 2018

It has been a busy week in Cheyenne as the Wyoming Legislature is now in session, but the question weighing heavily on the minds of those in Thermopolis and Hot Springs County is the future of the Wyoming Pioneer Home.

The fate of the facility should be on the minds of everyone in Wyoming as the Pioneer Home is available for any Wyoming resident, not just those who reside in the Big Horn Basin.

According to Representative Nathan Winters, the bill was once again in the appropriations committee on Monday morning.

SF112 calls for the privatization of the Wyoming Pioneer Home as well as the State Nursing facility in Basin. This would allow a private company to come into Wyoming, take the facilities over and charge whatever they wish.

Nationally, the average cost for assisted living such as the Pioneer Home runs $3,500 per month, nearly double what the average cost is currently at the facility.

“I have been fighting like a Bobcat on behalf of the Pioneer Home,” Winters said. “People need to come first. We need to know that they’re safe and well cared for. The Pioneer Home was started for a reason and we need to make sure the state holds up their end of the deal.”

In order to make an introductory vote, two-thirds majority must approve the bill be sent to the floor.

Originally, the bill was to be introduced on the House floor, however, Winters gathered all the representatives – plus a few more – from the Big Horn Basin to sit in on the initial vote.

“We had a good show of force,” Winter said. “I think they were a little intimidated, so the bill was brought to the Senate first, instead.”

People across the state need to call their senators and representatives in order to stop the bill from passing since it affects elderly across Wyoming.

“The bill, as written, is not right for the people of Wyoming at either facility,” Winters said.


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