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By Mark Dykes

Fake 100s found in Thermopolis


November 23, 2017

Mark Dykes

The Thermopolis Police Department recently received a report from a local bank regarding fake $100 bills circulating in the area. The bills have been found in other locations in Wyoming as well.

The bills are easily identified through Chinese characters located on the front and back sides of the bills, as well as pattern of black double lines in the corner. There may also be previous counterfeiting check marks on the bills.

The fake money is actually used by Chinese banks to train their tellers on using American bills, but they are, unfortunately, widely available.

It isn't the first time the Thermopolis Police Department has dealt with phony money this year. In February, the department was notified of a business that was presented a fake large bill, which was actually movie prop money and read "motion picture use only." Those bills are printed on regular paper, which has a different feel and weight than mint paper; they are also missing the security features legal tender has.

At this busy time of the year, with all of the holiday shopping going on, it's recommended tellers and businesses keep an eye out for any suspicious bills, and to keep up with regular counterfeiting checks such as using special pens on larger bills to determine if they are fake.


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