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By Mark Dykes
Assistant Editor 

Agar looks forward to representing district 20


On the afternoon of Jan. 5, Senate District 20 representative Wyatt Agar was already on his way to Cheyenne for the 2017 Legislature which convened on Jan. 10.

Being something of a “new guy” at the session, Agar said there would, of course, be a learning curve, particularly when stepping into the state’s current fiscal situation. However, he’s encouraged to be there with representatives Nathan Winters and Mike Greear, as well Senate President Eli Bebout, all of whom are willing to share their knowledge to add to his base.

Agar added he is a big fan of learning something new every day, as it is a sign one is truly living.

With regard to the fiscal situation, Agar said they have to face the reality that the funds are not there, and make the money we do have work us through constructive investments. He further added he’s visited with Winters and Greear about such opportunities, but declined to share anything at this time.

Agar also wants to ensure he represents his constituency well and keep to his campaign promise of repealing some of the burdensome regulations that are stifling small businesses.

As for sponsorship of bills, Agar said he is one of the few legislators not sponsoring or co-sponsoring anything. One of the worst things someone in his position can do, he added, is to muddy everything up just to say he sponsored a bill. There are some he’s paying attention to, such as HB0050, limitations on delegates-constitution amendment conventions.

Agar said he’s been entrusted with the honor of being the district’s representative and plans to perform well in that capacity. He appreciates any and all feedback and comments.


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