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Proud of all the high school graduates

The 2023 graduating class at Hot Springs County High School features 38 students with bright futures ahead of them. An insert in this paper is dedicated to them.

On page 3 of this paper you will find ads congratulating some online and home schooled high school graduates. There may be some local students that are not featured on this page. We are unable to obtain a list of all local online and home schooled students so we had to rely on friends and family to place an ad to congratulate those students.

We offer up a big congratulations to each and every high school graduate, near and far, traditional, online and home schooled.

Graduating from high school is truly a major accomplishment. For many students, it is the culmination of 13-14 years of their education.

We have enjoyed watching many of you grow up on the pages of the Independent Record and at community events.

From here, some of you will enter the workforce, while others will be off to colleges, trade schools or the military.

No matter what direction you are heading, we hope you are in for a bright future. Congratulations!


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