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Hot Springs Health selects new patient responsibility billing partner

Hot Springs Health (HSH) is using a new billing system for its customers. HSH CFO Shelly Larson and Business Officer Director Larinda Bushur said, “Effective December 1 HSH made a change in patient responsibility billing partners. Going forward we will be utilizing a fantastic company, Revenue Enterprises. With this change, we are enhancing the billing of Patient Responsibilities.”

The new partner, Revenue Enterprises, is located in Denver, Colorado, and has numerous clients in Wyoming. Larson added, “We are extremely excited about what Revenue Enterprises brings. Patients will receive an enhanced statement when the balance becomes patient responsibility. This will include itemization, insurance payments, adjustments, and balance.”

Bushur continued and said, “Statements are guarantor-based. This information will be collected during registration. The guarantor is who is responsible for the balance of an account. All households should have only one guarantor/responsible party, this allows for accurate statements. Patients will continue to receive monthly statements with opportunities to pay in full, set up payment plans by phone or on the secure portal and apply for financial assistance.

The new payment portal will be available on the HSH website at the end of December.

The payment portal allows patients to pay in full, set up payment plans in accordance with the hospital guidelines, set up to receive payment reminders via text or email, set up e-statements instead of paper. The portal also has a convenient chat feature to communicate with Revenue Enterprises. 

For those patients who might need help in paying their bills, patients will have the ability to retrieve their financial assistance application from the portal. HSH also offers a patient loan program through a local bank if the patient can’t meet the terms for the assistance program. For applying for the loan, there is no credit check and no pre-approval needed, the patient simply needs to complete the application.

Bushur commented on their new partner’s efficiency and said, “One of the exciting benefits of partnering with Revenue Enterprises is their quality control. They have the ability to record conversations and retrieve quality information by surveys patients have an option to complete. Our partners will have the exact same information available to them as what is in our system. Hot Springs Health will be in constant contact with our new partner via a secure communication portal. This will increase teamwork between our facility and Revenue Enterprises.” 

To assist patients and their billing needs in their transition from their previous vendor, First Party Receivable Solution (FPRS) to Revenue Enterprises, HSH is providing a discount on the patient’s bills.

Patient responsibility balances billed prior to November 30 with their previous vendor FPRS are being offered a one-time 30% discount to pay their balance in full. Patients can contact HSH’s Financial Counselor, Kim Becher, at 864-5095 to get their current eligible balance and arrange payments. Patients will have December 1 through February 28, 2022, to pay their one-time payment to receive the 30% discount.

All statements from HSH’s previous vendor will have Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital, or HSCMH, as a return address. All statements with their current partner, Revenue Enterprises, will be Hot Springs Health. 


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