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Leon Eugene Prosser

Leon Eugene Prosser, 55, passed away on Thursday October 28, 2021, at his home in Auburn, Wash. Cause of death was sudden heart failure, likely brought on by stroke. He will be cremated.

Leon was born on July 1, 1966, in Sioux City, Iowa, at St Joseph Mercy Hospital. He graduated from Stewardson-Strasburg High School in 1984. He moved from Iowa to Wyoming and had his first child in 1991 with Alice Schreiber. They moved to Washington together and then separated. He married Christy Berger in 1998, had two children in 1999 and 2001, and then separated with her in 2002. His love of cars drove him to the automotive industry, and he went on to receive an associate degree as an Automotive Technician from Lincoln College of Technology in Denver, Colo., in 2003. He worked for nearly ten years as a butcher at Wind River Processing from 2004 to 2012. He married Alice Schreiber in 2008. After her passing in 2011, he moved back to Washington. He found his dream job as an automotive technician at Eagle Tire and Automotive in 2019.

Leon loved cars his whole life. No matter what he was doing, he always wanted to fix them and upgrade them. He dreamed of getting a 1967 Chevrolet Impala, fixing it up, decking it out, and taking it out to the track to race. He loved professional wrestling, and always managed to catch it on Thursdays and Mondays. His favorite wrestlers were the likes of Andre the Giant and Stone-Cold Steve Austin.

Leon is survived by his children, Christopher Prosser, Dakota Meier, and Savana Meier, stepchildren, Suzzanna Tanner and Andrew Tanner; parents, Roscoe Prosser and Marsha Lieurance; and sister, Tammy Stewart.

He was predeceased in death by his wife, Alice Prosser; and his grandson, Ullr Meier.

There will be a small memorial service for him held at the Federated Community Church Community Hall from 2- 4 p.m. on December 11 in Thermopolis. Friends and family are welcome to come to pay their respects.


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