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Pyrotechnician coming to town to do fireworks show


The Thermopolis Volunteer Fire Department will be doing their annual fireworks show for the July 4th Independence Day celebration, according to Fire Chief Mark Collins.

He said that they are about $5,000 short on funds for the show compared to what they normally collect in previous years. They usually budget between $12,000 to $14,000 for a typical show. 

However, even though the funds raised this year is lower, John Fish, head of the fireworks committee, reports a pyrotechnician will come in to do the show.

Kevin Allen, of Sheridan, a certified pyrotechnician has been to several national and international conventions. Allen won a major competition last year at the Gillette CAM-PLEX. 

“It’s a week-long pyrotechnicians convention. He has volunteered to come to Thermopolis and shoot the show for the town and is bringing his own equipment. We will be entertained by a professional show this year,” said Fish.

Fish added, “We did not get the donations this year that we had in the past. It’s going to be a smaller show. But I think it’s going to be just as spectacular if not more so.”

Collins said that as part of their fundraising efforts the fire department sends out letters to the businesses in town and they run a couple of ads in the newspaper, too. Many people make individual donations. If someone wants to donate to the fire department, you can take the donation to the Chamber of Commerce or put it in the mailbox at the Fire Station. 

The show will begin at dark on Saturday, July 4 on T-Hill.

Fish commented on the coming event, “I anticipate a very wonderful show, a spectacular show. It’s got the earmarkings of one of the best shows that we’ve ever been able to put off. The guy (Allen) is good. He has been very well proclaimed by our distributors. He’s good at what he does.”

Fireworks prohibited in town limits

Thermopolis Chief of Police Julie Mathews reminds citizens that according to town ordinance, the sale and use of fireworks within the town is prohibited. 

The ordinance states, “It shall be unlawful for any person to offer for sale at retail or wholesale, or sell at retail or wholesale, or give away, use discharge or detonate any fireworks in the town or within five miles of the corporate limits of the town.”

Also,this year there will be no designated safe zone for residents to set off fireworks on July 4.

Chief Mathews said that no one made a special request to the Town Council to allow for this potential opportunity. Therefore it will be illegal to set off fireworks anywhere in town, including the area below T-Hill.

The only legal use of fireworks is within the county, out of town, on private property and with permission of the property owner.

Chief Mathews encourages the public to “be careful and be wise. This is a dry season and we don’t want any fires.”


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