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Local government

Local government plays a vital role in Hot Springs County and every other county across America. As citizens, our contact with our local government goes way beyond what contact we might have with state or federal government. Our local government runs our town, our law enforcement, our county and many other areas of our everyday lives. Whiles others are complaining about the issues, our town council members and county commissioners are voting on the issues. As voters, we hope we’ve elected those who will represent our wishes. Sometimes though, we feel a council or commissioner member votes differently than we’d have liked. Each election, the IR runs candidate announcements and an election section to help inform voters about those running for office, town council, county commissioners and boards. It is very important that voters go to the polls informed about the candidates and their thoughts on certain issues. If information in the paper doesn’t address an issue you are concerned about, contact the candidate themselves and ask questions. Asking questions and keeping lines of communication open are vital to successful local government. If a council member does not know your feelings on an issue, how can they represent you well? When those that serve decided to do so, they knew it would involve public scrutiny. As the public though, we owe it to those that serve to discuss the issues with them, face to face, by phone or even in an email. Complaining about them behind closed doors, at a local business or on social media is a waste of time. Contact them directly, you might be surprised by the result. In the end, if they still vote against your views, make sure you remember it when they are up for reelection and make your vote count.


November 21, 2019

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