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Sex offender registry


Wyoming State Statute 7-19-303 (c) (ii) (iii) requires that residential neighbors within seven hundred fifty (750) feet of a registered sex offender's residence be notified. If you are a property owner in this area it is your responsibility to notify any renter or lessee of your property that there is a sex offender residing in the neighborhood.

Name: Gary Philip Rice

Address: 630 Mondell

Date of Birth: Dec. 27, 1940

Place of Birth: California

Date/Place of Conviction: Nov. 7, 1996/Adams County, Colo.

Crime for which convicted: Wyoming Equivalent 6-2-315(A)(II) Sexual Abuse of a minor in the second degree

Vehicle: Maroon 2015 Honda Civic 4 DR. CO plate QHD-56

Questions may be directed to the Hot Springs County Sheriff's Office.


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