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By Mark Dykes

Traffic stop results in drug bust


August 24, 2017

On Aug. 14, an officer spotted a vehicle pulling a trailer fail to stop at Sixth Street and Shoshoni. The officer later observed the vehicle make an unsafe/unlawful lane change, as the driver did not utilize his turn signal.

The officer performed a traffic stop, informing the driver, identified as Corey Bloom, of the traffic violations. During the stop, the officer noted a distinct odor of burnt marijuana, though the smell was not consistent.

The officer also asked why there was no registration on the trailer, and was answered by a voice from the back seat. Bloom rolled down the rear window and a male subject identified as Andrew Gillum, explained he hadn't yet obtained registration for the trailer. Gillum noted the vehicle and trailer were both his.

With the rear window down, the officer could consistently smell burnt marijuana, and asked the vehicle occupants for an explanation. Gillum said it was his and he had only a small amount for personal use.

Gillum was instructed to get out of the vehicle and complied, stating he realized possession of marijuana was a big deal in Wyoming and he was embarrassed.

Gillum was placed in the officer's vehicle, and stated there were three guns in his vehicle and he had a concealed carry permit.

Bloom was also asked to exit the vehicle, and was detained pending investigation into the marijuana odor. Upon search of the vehicle, a firearm was found in the front center console. Also found was a container with what appeared to be, and tested presumptive positive for, marijuana, a device with a bowl packed with a green leafy substance and apparatus commonly used for grinding marijuana.

Found in the trunk of the vehicle were prescriptions with Gillum's name, a jar with a substance that smelled of marijuana, a pipe with an odor and residue consistent with marijuana and other paraphernalia.

Also among the found items was a container of pills labelled "O." A backup officer also located the other two guns.

Upon interview, Gillum said he and bloom were travelling from Minnesota to Hoback Junction and Jackson Hole to view the eclipse. He also said all the marijuana was his and consented to a search of the trailer.

Inside the trailer were several vials of what appeared to be prescriptions, many of which were labelled with letters starting with "A." There was no vial between "N" and "P." An officer detected an odor of marijuana, and upon further search found a container with a substance consistent with marijuana. Other paraphernalia was found, and the variety of substances were later identified.

Gillum faces a total eight counts — two felonies and six misdemeanors —of possession of a controlled substance. One count of possession against him, as well as a possession count against Bloom, have been recommended for dismissal.


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